In Cockpit

Last September I had the chance to fly with in cockpit with First Officer Isabel Menzi to Zyprus. Another chance to peak inside the life of pilots. Thanks to SPHAIR and Edelweiss


My most sincere congratulations to Fanny „Shotty“ Chollet, the first female F/A-18 pilot of the Swiss Air Force! Click this text to find out about her and the job she does.
Very proud of being the photographer of SPHAIR.

F got a new bike

@FIXIELOOVER built a very special bike. We took some pictures.

Kosovo (Office Views)

I went to Kosovo to work in a very interesting project. It was the second time at the exact same place in two years. Both times this "thing" caught my attention.

Creative Freedom

Imagine that another photographer allows you to shoot her family. And gives you creative freedom. Check her work here: